Floor Tile Re-Bonding

Tile floors are often chosen because of their durability. Whether your floor is made of ceramic, porcelain, granite, marble, or other natural stone, tile has an attractive look and, with proper care, can last for many years.

Tile floors and the grout that secures them require regular care and cleaning, often with tile-specific cleaners. And, while durable, tile flooring is not a guarantee that they will never need a repair. One of the most common repairs we deal with is tile re-bonding.

Re-bonding is the solution for a loose tile. There are several reasons a tile can become loose. It could have been installed incorrectly with the installer not using enough adhesive. Regular traffic can also, over time, break down the adhesive and cause the tile to become loose.

At The Groutsmith, tile repair is our specialty. You don’t have to replace your entire floor if there is a simple fix for your loose tiles. Our re-bonding procedure re-secures loose and hollow tiles to the subfloor.

We inject our proprietary tile adhesive through holes in the grout to fill gaps and voids between the tile and subfloor, bonding loose tile to the subfloor. When dry, the damaged grout work is matched for color and repaired.

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