Floor Tile and Grout Restoration and Preservation

Want to keep your tile floor looking great for as possible?
Or maybe you purchased a home that has what was probably once beautiful tile work, but is no longer in top shape.

Tile and grout requires regular cleaning and maintenance to keep its appearance, but many people are unaware of the special care that’s required to keep your tile and grout looking good and to maintain its condition long-term.

That’s where our floor tile and grout restoration and preservation service comes in. Whether you’ve unintentionally mistreated your own tile floors, have flooring that’s beginning to wear from age, or have inherited a floor that needs some TLC, we can help.

We use our proprietary line of professional products to clean and restore floor tile and grout to like-new condition. We’re tile and grout experts, which means we never use harsh chemicals or improper cleaning practices or equipment that can damage your tiles and grout.

Once we give your tile and grout floors a thorough cleaning, we’re able to preserve them using a tile and grout sealer that helps keep dirt and grime from staining or damaging the floor, ensuring that like new look lasts longer. Depending on your needs, we use our Clear Sealer or Color Sealer (guaranteed for one year), or our exclusive Restoration Sealer (guaranteed for 10 years).

To get a free estimate on your tile or grout restoration and preservation project, simply fill out the form on this page or give us a call at 1-888-50-GROUT (1-888-504-7688).